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June 2, 2021

Couples Mini Posing Guide

Are you tired of awkward and stiff images? Do you struggle feeling confident behind the lens? Or maybe you draw a blank when you are about to start a session. If any or all of these sound familiar, this is for YOU! The mini couples posing guide will give you three core poses that I use no matter the season.

What I say: Hold hands and walk a few steps away from me. (bride’s name) peak over your shoulder at me, (grooms name) look at her. I love that this couples pose is simple, adds movement and isn’t super romantic right off of the bat. I see the best results when I wait for the more romantic poses at about 15 minutes into the session. This seems to be about when everyone relaxes and settles into the groove!

Amy and Thomas had their engagement session on a gloomy rainy day. But with purposeful posing we were able to create beautiful images and have a blast during their session.

What I say: (Groom’s name) stand with your toes pointing towards me and both hands in your pocket. (Bride’s name) go ahead and link around his arm and line up his elbow in the middle of your chest. (Bride’s name) gently rest your temple onto his shoulder. I LOVE this one! There are so many poses that can easily flow off of just starting here.

Chris and Caylee are SO. MUCH. FUN. Caylee requested lots of greenery for their summer engagement session!

What I say: Let’s have you face each other chest to chest. (Groom’s name) place your left arm on the small of her back and your right arm on her hip. (Bride’s name) bring your left arm up and over his shoulder. Place your right arm onto his bicep. (Bride’s name) lets have your face towards me and gently bring your gaze down to your elbow. (Groom’s name) gently place your forehead against her with a soft smile. HEART EYES! You guys this a more *advanced pose* but in action is really easy to flow in and out of for variety that keeps a romantic touch throughout.

Andy and Faith are always such a joy to capture, they had a gorgeous day for their fall mini.

I hope these three poses help you feel more confident going into your sessions or even a wedding day. We are just scratching the surface here with these but it’s a great resource to have in mind when you are behind the lens.

Let me know if these core poses help you by tagging @hollyngphotography & #HGPEDUCATION

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